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Your trusted advisor in Corporate Structure, Compliance, Asset Protection & Generational Wealth.

At the forefront... Helping business owners all over the United States & Canada


Discover Our Expertise

At Controllers, Ltd., we empower entrepreneurs to create lasting wealth by teaching them the proper use of LLCs, Corporations, and Trusts.

Our comprehensive approach covers everything from starting and growing your business to protecting your assets for generations to come. With our guidance, you'll achieve true asset protection and financial freedom. Join us on the path to success.

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Take your idea from Concept to Reality

Ready to start your own business? Establishing a solid foundation is essential for long-term success, and the best way to do that is by creating a blueprint or roadmap. But with all the different types of entities available - LLCs, can be difficult deciding which one will work best for you! Don't worry – let us help guide you along this journey. We'll answer crucial questions such as: What state should it be in? How does taxation affect it? Will my assets stay protected while I'm running my new business venture? And last but not least, how can incorporating reduce taxes and ensure hassle-free compliance each step of the way?! Let us show you what comes next in the sequence and develop a Blueprint for your Success!



Achieve Your Goals

Need help with paperwork, filing and everything in-between? Look no further than Controllers! We're here to hold your hand through the entire incorporation process. Not only that, but we'll provide follow ups for tasks you didn't even know about – giving you peace of mind every step of the way. Each quarter after setting up your LLC or Corporation with us, our team will make sure all is well so nothing can slip through the cracks. It's time to let go and put yourself first - because it’s always been all about YOU!

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Expert Guidance

Have you been struggling to reach all those goals? We understand how difficult it can be - and we want to help! Our Strategy Coaching program has your back, guiding you every step of the way so that success is just around the corner. With our expertise at hand, there's no need for trial-and-error; ensuring a safe passage towards reaching your objectives. Come see what we have to offer in terms of coaching today – let us show you how far you could go!



Stay Compliant

Without compliance, your LLC or Corporation just won't cut it - no matter how many assets you have. From taking out a loan to engaging with professionals and signing contracts, all of these actions must be documented through "Minutes" & “Resolutions” for the company to stand by itself - not as an extension of yourself! You can certainly do this alone but why go down that hassle-ridden road when our great services make everything easier? Get in touch today – let's get compliant and protect what matters most!

Joe & Becky Liguori - Ohio

"We started working with Scott a few years ago.  It has been so valuable we continue to renew our time with him. 

The return on the investment of working with Scott has been priceless.  You cannot put a dollar amount on asset protection and estate planning.  If we didn’t start working with Scott when we did, we could have paid a lot more money out than what we paid to work with him.   

Scott has a tremendous amount of passion when he teaches and works with his clients.  He has an extremely high level of knowledge.  However, even with this high level of knowledge, he has a way to make it simple enough to follow his recommendations. 

If you have a business or even considering a business, you need to reach out to Scott and his team today.  Establishing asset protection and estate planning before you need it is critical.  It could potentially cost you and/or your beneficiaries more later if you do not do it now."

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