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If you are looking for a company that is going to hold your hand through the incorporation process, and will proactively follow up with you to help you with the tasks & items that you didn't even know you had to do - you have found us. ​ Because its all about you.

For one year after filing up your LLC or Corporation with Controllers, we will proactively help you make sure the health of your entity is in good stead. 

Our incorporation services include:

  • State Name Search

  • Preparation and Filing of Articles

  • Operating Agreement/By-Laws

  • Record Book, Seal and Ownership Certificates

  • Federal Tax ID

  • Assistance with filing appropriate tax election with the IRS

  • Organizational Minutes & Resolutions Completed

  • Live One-on-One Walk through of Corporate Record Book

  • 2 Months Question Support 

  • Quarterly Health Checkups

  • If Nevada - Nevada Registered Agent (Agent for Service of Process)