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                   COMPREHESIVE ANALYSIS                                                                      

Not sure if an LLC or Corporation is right for you?

Our Comprehensive Analysis service is designed to help you know first if a business entity is right for you (LLC or Corporation), and if so what type, etc.


This service takes into account your business activities, the level of business risk, business assets, personal assets, internal dynamics (partners, employees, intellectual property etc.), current income, projected income, desired personal income, current tax percentages, potential future tax percentages, as well as overall personal and business goals to assess what type of entity would be most beneficial and when.


From this information, the Comprehensive Analysis provides a customized report that outlines:

  1. Custom entity recommendations

    • Type of Entity(s)

    • Taxation Election

    • Role in Strategy​​

    • Entity State (Location)

  2. Customized Flowchart outlining Company interactions

  3. The step-by-step phases for entity set up (triggers to set up an entity given your specific situation)

  4. Detailed description of tax reduction strategies and step by step process outline

  5. Detailed description of asset protection strategies and step by step process outline

  6. An outline of the specific documentation the current circumstances & each phase require

  7. If multi-entities are needed, we provide an outline of when & why

  8. A brief overview: Will Nevada Help?

  9. The investment amount for completing the recommendations

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