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Expert Guidance

Navigation Platform           $797.00 Annual   /   $1797 Lifetime

Through our Navigation & Compliance AI Technology ™ our Platform can help you understand exactly what you need to do and how to do it in any situation.

On a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis our Navigation AI takes into account your business(es) structure(s), taxation, location, type of transactions engaged in, bank accounts, credit cards, investments, budget, projected income, inter-company relationships and other useful information, and from that data it creates a custom outline of tasks, guidance, and recommendations that will ensure your business is running correctly, efficiently, and all while maximizing profits and staying compliant.

Navigation includes the following Navigation Tools & Guidance Topics:

  • Business Entity Facilitation:

    • Monthly (things every company should do on a monthly basis)

    • Quarterly (things every company should do on a quarterly basis)

    • Sessional (things every company should do on at specific times during the year)

    • Situational (things every company should do in certain situations)

  • Multi Entity Navigation:

    • Inter Company Transactions

    • Unlimited Entity Identifier Tool Use

  • Bookkeeping Navigation:

    • Chart of Accounts Set Up, Additions, & Review

    • Bookkeeping Steps Per Company & Account

    • Accounting Steps Per Company & Balance Sheet Account

  • Financial Statement Coaching

  • Cashflow Cash Flow Navigation:

    • Budget Tracking

    • Projected Income Tracking

    • Cash Flow Estimation & Analysis

    • Breakeven Analysis

    • Overall Profit & Loss

  • Loan / Funding Preparation Navigation

  • Expense Navigation:

    • Personal Expenses vs. Business Expenses

    • Money in / Money out Categorization Support

  • Asset Performance Tracking

  • Advertising & Marketing Performance Tracking & Analysis


Expert Guidance

Compliance Platform           $797 Annual   /   $1797 Lifetime

If your LLC or Corporation is not in compliance, then the will not protect your assets or save you taxes – at all.

What is compliance? That means that all of your company meetings and actions are documented in what are called “Minutes” & “Resolutions”. Minutes are resolutions are required for everything from applying for credit, using a personal credit card, purchasing an asset, hiring a CPA or Attorney, to partnering with individuals or business contracts, etc.!

Without these required documents if you are sued, audited, file for bankruptcy, or you need to apply for financing, you could find yourself up the creek without a paddle. That is why we created our Compliance Platform.


  • 2 Guided Calls

  • Unlimited Number of Companies

  • Unlimited Years of Compliance Clean Up

  • Compliance Document Generator

  • Compliance Task Generator

  • Live Monthly Group Compliance Webinars


Expert Guidance

Navigation & Compliance Platform           $1397.00 Annual   /   $2997 Lifetime

Through our Navigation & Compliance AI Technology ™ our Platform can help you understand exactly what you need to do and how to do it in any situation, as well as give you the tools to stay in compliance while you are doing it.

  • Everything included in the Navigation Platform

  • Everything included in the Compliance Platform

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