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Get a Complimentary 30 Minute review of your structure!

Have you ever wondered if your current structure is correct?

Will your Corporation or LLC protect you personally?

Without a properly drafted operating agreement or by-laws, your Corporate Veil could be compromised in the event of a Lawsuit or Audit resulting in a loss of hundreds if not thousands of dollars!


Are you taking advantage of all the deductions you are afforded?

If your Corporation or LLC is not taxed properly, you may be missing out on deductions that could save you thousands of dollars in taxes!


Have you kept up on your Corporate Compliance?

People who tell you to form an LLC because you don't have the same compliance requirement as you do with a Corporation are completely misinforming you! If you haven't kept up on your compliance your company will be considered an Alter-Ego of you! This means that someone could pierce the Corporate Veil and cost you everything you have worked hard for all your life, both personally and in business!

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